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Known brand

Franchiser is a strong brand that is present in social awareness. So it is easier for franchiser to get customers.
He is also using reputation, trademarks, copyright laws, business secrets and every company's own manufacturing processes and formulas that belong to the chain, that allow to get onto the market.

Proven concept

Direct benefit of joining francise chain is access to company's know-how, that is ready business idea.
Having relatively small capital franchisee gets access to economic recipes, that he had to work out by himself in other circumstances. In that way he is limiting the risks.

Franchiser support

Franchiser helps franchisee in achieving success basing on his experience gained over the years on the market, sharing his knowledge in terms of:

- finding satisfying localization or proper premise; - help for franchisee in the inauguration;
- within the framework of exclusiveness franchiser guarantees, that he will not enter into contract with other franchisee on this terrain.;
- support in setting proper level and type of stock up; - supplies from own, authorized distribution;
- wide range supplies of own brands that are in offer of own distribution;
- franchisee and his employees trainings in terms of: running business, methods of manufacturing and preparing goods, accounting, business controls, marketing promotion and merchandising, sanitary regulation, legal norm such as labour law, tax law, HACCP e.t.c.

Lower risk, higher credibility

Direct benefit of joining franchise chain is lowering the risk connected with running a business.
This strengthen the credibility of franchisee in business talks and negotiation with contractor (including financial institutions). Researches and experience of western markets have proven that the number of bankruptcy functioning as a franchise system is much lower than those that are functioning individually.

Benefits from advertising and promotion of franchiser organized on local or nationwide range.
Franchisee as a single businessman would never afford buying big advertising campaign in local or nationwide media. It wouldn't have much economical sense, because of small operation scale.

Joining franchise chain that has a lot of units gives opportunity for single businessman to use effects of big advertising campaign organized by franchisser for whole chain


Better contract terms with contractors and suppliers 

Franchiser that is negotiating terms of contracts with suppliers for whole chain can achieve much better purchasing terms that any single businessman, even if he is the best negotiator.

Have you made your choice? Do you want to join our franchise chain? Before you will sing a contract, for your own safety and to get knowledge about costs, try to calculate overall cost of investment.

If you don't want to miss any record in balance of costs and benefits, you have to answer yourself on following questions:
How much will running business cost and haven't you ignored hidden costs in preliminary calculations?

Hidden costs

While calculating full investment cost remember about logistics cost: stock up, equipment, insurance, equipment renovation, business trips and other cost connected with development (e.g. purchasing commercial vehicle). You have to add costs connected with stock, with which you will start. For every case calculate if you're cost are not getting bigger when you're ordering less goods in next delivery. All that costs have to be included in the budget.

How to collect necessary funds to finance the investment and if it had any prospects to achieve profitability?

Do you have any own capital? If this what you have will be enough to operate on the market in accordance to previous criteria?

Maybe you should take a loan? When it will be enough funds, when you can expect return on investment?

It's often hard to precisely assess it and answers can repeatedly discourage aggressive and dynamic operations on the market.


By joining Bit chain you gain

- Franchise packet, including: - Shop design in accordance of Bit chain standards;

- Help in implementing the software to run a shop;

- Part financing of necessary equipment such as computers, bar code scanners;

- Outfits for employees, plastic bags; Loyalty programme: zyskownia.pl that allows to exchange gathered points on attractive awards.
You need something more for your shop functioning - We will adjust to your needs.

Contact us:

tel.: +48 734 171 308
e-mail: biuro.dystrybucja@spshandel.pl


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